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5 things we Love about Bruno Mars 24k

Does this man make anything but hits? Coming November 18, 2016 Bruno Mars will release his new album. The single 24k Magic has already taken us by surprise.

1. It's new, fresh and unlike anything we've heard before. This song has a definite groovy tone that's sure to get you up on your feet.

2. He has been in the studio with Missy Elliot and it shows. These two vibing together are sure to be a hit.

3. The choreography is funky. I have to master those new moves. Put your pinky fingers to the roof. it may take me until summer, but I will master those moves.

4. The man is Sexy! That smile is gorgeous and did I mention he is giving us so much swag in the 24K video.

5. The stylist did an amazing job. Mars is shown in red with a black and white Versace silk robe. The bright colors of his shirt in the opening scene, the private jet, the use of the Roger Troutman style sound effects and the overall upbeat feel and tempo all add up to us just loving the New Bruno Mars 24k Magic hit! Did I mention he's over 40?

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